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A Small Selection Of Projects

Temporary Roof Image
Temporary Roof
Loft Conversion
Temp Roofing Image
Box Guttering Access
Guttering Image
Access Tower
Renavation Work
Monoflex or Netting
Full Scaffold
With Monoflex
Access Towers
Roof Access
With Rubber Waste Shutes
Window Replacement
Full Tower
Window Replacement
Monoflex or Netting
Full Temporay Roof
Waste Shute and Walk Way
Access Towers
Three Sided Elevation
Loft Conversion
Window Replacement
Access and Walkway
Chimney Stack Re-Render


Aspirations to Innovate and Adapt.
Driven, Highly Competitive with Professionalism to Match.

 Jason Bacon Photo

Jason Bacon


Over the past 20 years, my experience and extensive knowledge have enabled me to Engineer and Develop a refined tailored to fit scalable service best suited around the customer's needs that will deliver an exceptional level of service. My objective is to provide the safest, most reliable scaffolding solutions available to date. All Part of my continuing effort to provide our customers with the very best that Tailored Scaffolding has to offer.

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